Sound Art
Within is an exhibition inspired by Species of Spaces, a book authored by George Perec a French novelist and literary pioneer. This epic volume is a detailed account of Perec’s voyage into spaces. Starting in his bed Perec describes the way the space and all its features affected his body, mind, and memory. He moves further and further outward each time his ideas and conclusions about each environment grow. After reading this book I decided that I would follow this direction for myself. I have spent a large part of my graduate work exploring spaces. Beginning with the investigation of foot travel in the Arts and Humanities building at Georgia State University to an in-depth look at the sound environment at the Agnes Scott Campus for the Tenderlandscape Exhibition, my work is interested in all aspects of space. The journey that Perec prescribes in Species of Spaces interested me because until this point I had not explored my personal spaces. The project began with spaces inside in my bed and then out into my house. Spending 17 consecutive days in each space, I traveled further and further outward, around my neighborhood, through the city and country, until eventually departing on a flight to Europe. As the scope of the journey progressed and dealt with larger and larger spaces the same depth of focus and consideration was paid to every space. The micro levels of my confined spaces proved an ideal transition into the macro scope of the more vast and expansive areas. 
"Wading in and out of dream and wake states the body is continually being born and
invented here."

Bed: August 16 - September 6
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"My bedroom is like a physical memory box. It’s the place that would identify me if I were
gone and could not."

Bedroom: September 7 - September 24
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"I chose to record everything: flossing teeth, taking a shower, doing laundry, all of these
acts came alive as I heard them through the magnifying power of the microphone."

House: September 25 - October 12
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6. I am immediately aware of something larger than us.
7. Other life going on not just our own.
8. Curiosity about those lives is triggered.
A curiosity about how my life compares has begun."
Neighborhood: October 13 - October 30
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"City embodied the feeling of being encircled, inscribed. My voyages in the city left me
feeling put in. It’s in. The fence was where it was. Clear. Where they were. We are passing buildings. It was all of us!"

City: October 31 - November 17
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"The lines made by power lines in the sky and from those on the tar road beneath had no beginning and no end."
Country: November 18 - December 5

"Here we are all in other places other shapes walking through |placing| |hoping|. There
was something here. There was a lot that I hadn’t realized. We are imagining other people’s spaces when we remove ourselves. That could be. That’s maybe what I wish for. I wish
that someone was thinking about me while I’m away from myself a while."

Europe: December 27 - January 9
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Above Photograph: Copyright 2005 Anya Liftig , All Rights Reserved