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Sound Art
In the series exhibited here I start the drawing by blindly activating the surface of the paper with lines, textures, and shapes. To do this I place a layer of graphite transfer paper under a cover sheet so that any pressure I make upon the transfer paper presses graphite onto the drawing surface. My goal is to capture direct and unfiltered marks, so I use implements that leave no trace on the coversheet. Because I cannot see the marks transferred onto the paper I am able to respond freely and honestly to the impulses that compel my hand in that moment. I take great joy in removing the transfer paper and seeing what occurred during the period of unfiltered mark making. This initial network of marks is faint but dense and provides a seemingly disorganized structure that is ready to move and direct the drawing in new and unexpected ways. The fun, albeit time intensive, component of the process begins as I excavate a cohesive drawing from the confusion that greets me when I remove the transfer paper.